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Our Mission “We enhance lifestyles no matter what happens in an uncertain world."

Smart Choice Life offers a quick and easy way to compare quotes from most Canadian life Insurance companies which we represent. We are a full financial services company.

Seniors Solutions

Let us simplify your retirement & estate in a tax advantaged manner. Also we can guarantee income for Life and you have access to your portfolio call (506) 454-3346 .

Long Term Health Care — There are 6 reasons you might not want to transfer assets to children. [learn more ..] Smart Choice life has a much safer solutions call (506) 454-3346 and find out more.

Deposits are Guaranteed

Life Insurance settlements and deposits in investments are guaranteed by Assuris. Please visit for details.

GICs and Seg funds with life insurance companies avoid probate fees, legal costs and delays that can plague other GICs and mutual funds. Because our investments bypass your estate they go directly to the beneficiary privately and aren’t contestable like a will and estate can be.

To ‘Recession proof’ your investments call us. (506) 454-3346

Wealth Management

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with individuals, families, and businesses—to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth. It’s not just about accumulation.

Your plan should also be about succession. Done properly it can avoid costs and complications.

Warning! Avoid the RRSP tax and benefit trap! Plan ahead! If you don’t have a company pension and you aren’t expecting to have over $250,000 in your RRSP at age 65, you could lose up to 75% to the government. Call Smart Choice Life for a no cost escape plan.

On the flip side if you will earn over $80,000 in retirement you may also lose over 65% or more in taxes and OAS claw backs to the government. Call our certified experts at (506) 454-3346 for the most updated information in the financial industry.